About XNet Transfer

• Free to use.
• Chat message.
• Remote Desktop intergrated.
• Send and receive file beetween two PCs.
• With P2P secure transformation data.


Lasted version: XNetTransferInstaller.zip
Unzip password: xnet

Note: this application run on dotnet 4.6.1

How to use?

Step 1: Right click on zip file downloaded, click Properties, if appear Unblock button, click it. Extract this zip file.

Step 2: Open "XNetTransferInstaller.exe", choise installation location, tick on accept EULA (if you want to use this app), click Install.

Step 3: Open icon on desktop (that icon auto created after install step above) Fill the account information to save you information.

Step 4: Connect to your peer:

• On another pc, open this app too, then copy those ID and Password, fill to your app on your pc.
• Click Connect button.
• Now you can remote desktop or send file to peer PC.
• Hope this help!

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